Stericom urodynamics products bring quality and diversity to this sector, allowing the practitioner to choose between a wide range of differing materials, diameters, lengths and configurations. Our products work with all water-perfused urodynamics systems.

Urodynamics is a diagnostic procedure to assess bladder function. It is either a hospital or office-based investigation, and is widely used in all developed healthcare markets worldwide.

Our catheter and accessories are a growing part of that worldwide market.

Catheter design depends very much on clinical preference. Stericom offers a wide choice of catheters: differing materials, diameters, length and configuration are all available in the range. 2-lumen catheters for filling/voiding cystometry investigations are the most popular.

For rectal/abdominal pressure measurements, catheters terminating in a simple flap valve, a small PVC balloon, or the unique Bovingdon catheter with its shaped silicone balloon are all available.

Stericom also manufactures other accessories for urodynamic investigations: pump tube sets for the different systems, extension sets for UPP investigations and Sterigard one-way valves.

If you can’t find what you want in our range, please get in touch – we may be able to make it for you.