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The Stericom range of proctoscopes offers a choice of sizes and geometries to suit all normal clinical needs. These scopes are made from clear toughened polystyrene for optimal visibility and are compatible with the Ecolite lighting system.

  • 6 variety of sizes and geometries
  • adult & paediatric
  • flute-ended or trunk-ended
  • Eco-friendly: no battery removal and disposal
  • adaptors for endoscopic camera systems

Our range includes small/paediatric designs, the unique atraumatic Blu-Scope design in two sizes, and large 23mm diameter operative flute-ended & trunk-ended variants for maximum versatility. No inconvenient battery removal/disposal is required following the procedure and only combustible polystyrene is disposed of as clinical waste, offering the most eco-friendly and lowest-cost option available to comply fully with MHRA MDA2010/060

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Surgical/Examination Blu-Scope Midi – SMA 4021
The atraumatic Blu-Scope Midi is the ideal proctoscope for all routine OPD work, fitted with an extra-long introducer to enable easier withdrawal
Length= 70mm Diameter = 21mm

Surgical/Examination Blu Scope – SMA 4022
The big brother to the SMA 4021, the Blu-Scope Maxi, is a favourite in the Stericom range, ideal for operative work and offering unrivalled ease of access for biopsy forceps, haemorrhoid banding ligators and phenol syringes. A longer introducer offers atraumatic insertion to the patient and ease of withdrawal from the scope barrel
Length= 79mm Diameter = 23mm

Surgical/Examination Proctoscope – SMA 4023
This 23mm diameter flute-ended proctoscope is the ideal design for operative work such as the treatment of haemorrhoids; it enables the bowel wall to be effectively retracted whilst carrying out the procedure on the opposite side of the anal canal
Length= 88mm Diameter = 23mm

Surgical/Examination Proctoscope – SMA 4024
SMA 4024 The trunk-ended brother of the SMA 4023: with a 23mm diameter and short 65mm barrel, this is our most popular and versatile proctoscope
Length= 65mm Diameter = 23mm

Bluscope-midi proctoscope
Bluscope proctoscopes
Stericom proctoscope UK
proctoscopes UK

Proctoscope diagnostic/paediatric – SMA 4018
Small, flute-ended with 18mm diameter ideal for routine examination and paediatric work
Length= 56mm Diameter = 18mm

Proctoscope diagnostic/paediatric – SMA 4019
The trunk-ended companion to the SMA 4018
Length= 54mm Diameter = 18mm

proctoscopes UK
proctoscopes UK

Our proctoscopes are designed for use with The Ecolite, a new generation LED light generator designed for rectoscopy and other surgical interventions. This LED light generator offers optimal light clarity delivered through an autoclavable fibre-optic cable.

Our coloproctology range also includes sterile-packed rectoscopy kits in two sizes, a haemorrhoid suction banding system, sterile operative proctoscopes of unique design, and sterile disposable biopsy forceps.

Our new camera adaptors enable the proctoscope range to connect to most endoscopic camera systems. This allows the end user to capture diagnostic imagery for the purpose of patient records and for clinical education.

LED light generator for rectoscopy & proctoscopy
Rectocam for rectoscopy & proctoscopy
Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
SMA4018Small, flute-ended Ø18mm proctoscope, length 56mm75
SMA4019Small, trunk-ended Ø18mm proctoscope, length 54mm75
SMA4021Blu-Scope Midi atraumatic Ø21mm proctoscope, length 70mm50
SMA4022Blu-Scope atraumatic Ø23mm proctoscope, length 79mm50
SMA4023Flute-ended Ø23mm proctoscope, length 88mm50
SMA4024Trunk-ended Ø23mm proctoscope, length 65mm50
SMA4001camera adaptor for proctoscope range1