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laparoscopic toolslaparoscopic instrumentslaparoscopic instruments

Laparoscopic Tools

Our range of Laparoscopic tools offer practitioners premium quality with unique extra features. The LapHook, LapKnife & LapScrew are part of new range of clinician-driven medical innovations for minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery.

  • Quality & strength guaranteed
  • unique features = unique benefits
  • Long-life, reusable & autoclavable
  • CE-Marked

The SurgiTool’s range of laparoscopic instruments are designed to bring unique benefits to the practitioner. Strong & durable, The LapHook, LapKnife & LapScrew offer the user confidence as they perform laparoscopic procedures.

All instruments are long-life, reusable and autoclavable.

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  • Dissector, retractor & reflector in 1
  • Re-usable & autoclavable
  • Fits 5mm lap-port
  • Unique design for versatility

LapHook includes a dissector, retractor and reflector and is the ultimate manual instrument for laparoscopic surgery. The instrument is long-life, reusable and autoclavable, and fits a 5mm lap-port.

LapHook‘s unique design features offer the experienced surgeon unrivalled versatility.

  • For cold-knife cutting in lap-surgery
  • Re-usable, autoclavable instrument
  • Compatible with generic sterile scalpel blades
  • Fits through 5mm lap-port

For controlled incisions in laparoscopic surgery with cold-knife cutting, LapKnife is the ideal solution. Precise, contained incisions can be made under surgeon’s direct control. LapKnife reduces tissue scatter and shortens the learning curve for MIS tissue removal. Use generic single-use sterile blades; fits through a conventional 5mm laparoscopic port.

  • Wood-screw design = strength, firm grip & optimal manipulation
  • Re-usable, autoclavable instrument
  • Available in 5mm & 10mm diameter variants
  • ergonomic design for optimal visual clarity

LapScrew‘s wood-screw design offers strength, reliablity and a firm grip for optimal organ manipulation. It is a single piece of steel, not with detachable tip which can work loose during the procedure

The instrument is long-life, reusable and autoclavable, and available in both 5mm & 10mm variants.

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
SGT7105LapHook -5mm - Laparoscopic tool1
SGT7104LapKnife-5mm (LK-5) - Laparoscopic tool1
SGT7103LapScrew -5mm (LS-5) - Laparoscopic tool1