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Haemorrhoid Banding

pdf-stericom-blue2The LEM Disposable Haemorrhoid Banding Ligator is a unique, patented design made from a light, tough polymer. It is a single patient product and part of Stericom’s complete haemorrhoid banding system.

  • sterile & single-patient use
  • latex – free bander
  • latex & non-latex banding rings available
  • ergonomic design for optimal visual clarity
  • cylindrical cone for easy loading

The LEM haemorrhoid banding ligator ensures optimal visual clarity with its has a 20-degree angled tip. Its ergonomically designed trigger enables smooth and accurate banding procedures.

It is supplied with a stepped cylindrical cone (Ø 10mm) for easy band loading, or with a smooth cone and a ring-loader. Both latex & latex-free haemorrhoid banding rings are available.

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Stericom provides a complete system for haemorrhoid banding

In addition to our LEM haemorrhoid banding guns, we provide portable suction machines (with optional disposable liners) and a range of proctoscopes. Our thick-walled and stretchy silicone tubing ensures kink-resistant and tough operation in all conditions

portable suction machine

Suction tubing connects the banding guns to the low-pressure suction aspirator, and the bander is then inserted into an operative proctoscope and placed over the surgical site. The haemorrhoid is retracted from the tissue by suction and then banded using the trigger-mechanism. During the procedure, the rate of suction may be controlled manually by the practitioner’s thumb.

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
SMA5650LEM disposable haemorrhoid banding ligator (latex free)25
SMA5650.5Same as SMA 5650 + 5x latex gavorings in each pouch25
SMA5650.5LFSame as SMA 5650 + 5x latex free gavorings in each pouch25
SMA5600Spare gavoring elastic rings - latex100
SMA5601Spare gavoring elastic rings - latex free100