disposable colposcopy biopsy forceps
disposable colposcopy biopsy forcepsdisposable colposcopy biopsy forcepsThe Kolpo-Kut disposable colposcopy biopsy forceps

Disposable Cervical Biopsy Forceps

Download brochure for disposable cervical biopsy forcepsKolpo-Kut is a sterile, disposable cervical biopsy forceps for biopsy of the uterine cervix in colposcopy. Affordable and easy-to-use, this product offers the practitioner a purpose-designed alternative to traditional re-usable instruments.

  • sterile & single use
  • sharp, clean biopsy cut every time
  • excellent sample retention & release
  • peel-off traceability labels
  • 5-year shelf-life

Our disposable cervical biopsy forceps has sharp metal cutting jaws which deliver a clean, sharp cut every time.  As all risks of cross-contamination are eliminated, Kolpo-Kut ensures best infection control practice.

Their 5-year shelf life and peel-off labels for traceability on every pouch bring convenience and efficiency to every busy practice. Kolpo-Kut is designed to be especially effective with the multiparous cervix.

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Ergonomic Hand Grip

The plastic injection-moulded hand grip is designed to feel solid in-hand and an in-built steel spring  ensures that the default position of the jaws is open.

Cutting Jaws

Kolpo-Kut’s sharp metal cutting jaws deliver a clean, sharp cut for every procedure, and provide excellent sample retention and release. Using the Kolpo-Kut eliminates time-consuming reprocessing and the periodic re-sharpening necessary with re-usable forceps.


Each instrument is securely pouched in a moulded tray, has a 5-year shelf-life and is quality comparable to re-usable in performance.  Peel-off labels on every pouch ensure batch traceability for patients notes.

Stericom now offers a range  range of instrumentation for gynaecological surgery and is exclusive UK distributor for the innovative Surgitools range. These tools include single-use items such as the Colpowave Colpotomizer, Cervigrip Uterine Manipulator and LapNeed needle holder/suturing tool.

The range also includes capital equipment such as the SurgiAssist Uterine Positioner which replaces a surgical assistant normally needed to hold the tools in the OR, so saving hospital staff time and resources, plus other complementary equipment for the LAVH procedure.

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STE 1551The Kolpo-Kut sterile, disposable, colposcopy biopsy forceps for uterine cervix5