2-Lumen Pebax Catheter
2-Lumen Pebax Catheterurodynamic catheter 2 lumen cystometry pebaxurodynamic catheter 2 lumen cystometry pebax

2-Lumen Pebax Cystometry Catheter

Pebax is a white polymer, slightly harder than PVC or polyurethane and enabling verpdf-stericom-blue2y easy catheterization for all patients. It can be used with all water-perfused urodynamics systems.

  • sterile & single-use
  • tough pebax material
  • 480mm long 2-lumen catheter section
  • easy catherization for all patients
  • Fast fill rate

The harder material allows for thin-walled and so larger-bore channels than is possible with comparable diameter PVC or PUR tubing, so relatively faster filling and strong pressure transmissions are achieved.

The cm-marked, white 480mm long main Ch6 2-lumen pebax tubing enables very easy catheterization. No extension set is needed.

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  • Ch6 white 2-lumen pebax catheter tubing offers easy catheterization
  • Catheter tubing is cm-marked in black to assist in ensuring pressure measuring eye has successfully transected bladder neck
  • 2-lumen catheter section is 480mm long, enabling catheterization of all patients
  • Fast fill rate; strong pressure transmissions|Ch4.5 blue-tinted pressure lines are 1500mm long, enabling direct connection to the pressure dome/3-way tap: no extension set needed
  • Filling line fitted with winged, clear female luer
  • Manufactured to comply with ISO13485:2003, MDD93/42/EEC, CE-marked

Stericom’s cystometry catheters are used in conjunction with a range of rectal pressure catheters as part of a diagnostic procedure to assess bladder function.

As well as our 2-lumen pebax cystometry catheters we offer a more pliant PVC cystometry catheter and single-lumen catheters are also available as a lower-cost solution for the basic test.

We also offer other accessories for urodynamic investigations: pump tube sets for the different systems, extension sets and UPP catheters for uretha pressure profile investigations.

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UDC37762-Lumen Cystometry Catheter Ch6, 480mm white Pebax tubing cm-marked20