Disposable Biopsy Forceps

Since the company was founded in 1999, we have been involved in the coloproctology sector as exclusive UK distributor for the premium-brand Sapimed range of injection-moulded products for use in outpatient and surgical coloproctology. We launched our Stericom-branded single-use colorectal biopsy forceps in 2007 and continue to expand the range in our ongoing commitment to bring safe and convenient single-use instruments to market.

Disposable Colorectal Biopsy Forceps

Concern has grown in recent years about the re-use of biopsy forceps inside the GI tract, driven by evidence of the inability of conventional cleaning and autoclaving to remove the protein prions implicated in the transmission of both long-recognised and new variants of CJD.

In addition, the jaws of continuously re-used biopsy forceps rapidly blunt, and the consequent reduced cutting ability may cause greater distress and bleeding to the patient than necessary.

The Stericom range of rigid disposable colorectal biopsy forceps is designed to address these concerns. These forceps may be used with any rigid rectoscopy equipment, but are designed specifically to complement the Sapimed scope-kit system.

Disposable Colposcopy Biopsy Forceps

Kolpo-Kut was designed and developed in response to a growing market need for effective, single-use instumentation. Apart from the convenience it offers the practitioner, single-use instruments offer the optimal level of infection prevention and consequent patient care.

Kolpo-Kut is a sterile, disposable biopsy forceps for biopsy of the uterine cervix during colposcopy. The sharp metal cutting jaws deliver a clean, sharp cut every time, eliminating time-consuming reprocessing and the periodic re-sharpening necessary with re-usable forceps.

Risks of cross-contamination are eliminated, and peel-off labels on every pouch ensure batch traceability for patients’ notes. The STE 1551 Kolpo-Kut is designed to be especially effective with the multiparous cervix.