Urodynamic Catheters

Our urodynamic catheters are designed to offer a wide selection of catheter choices with differing materials, diameters, length and configuration all available in the range. they are compatible with all water-perfused urodynamics systems.

Cystometry Catheters

The design of our 2-lumen cystometry catheters’ main tubing devotes 30% of the cross-sectional lumen to pressure transmissions with minimum intra-lumen interference, and 70% to filling.

Blue-tinted Ch4.5 1400mm long pressure lines enable direct connection to the transducer, so removing the elevated infection risk associated with multiple connections.

Stericom’s 1-lumen cystometry catheters offer the practitioner a simple and low-cost solution for urodynamics testing. They may be purchased separately, or as a set of two in one peel-pouch.

Rectal Catheters

For rectal/abdominal pressure measurements, catheters terminating in a simple flap valve with a small PVC balloon are available with various design variations. All catheters in this range are designed to be water-perfused from the luer, the air being expelled through the end-valve or the pre-slit balloon.

We also offer specialist rectal catheters. The popular and well proven UDC 3410 Bovingdon® Catheter employs single-lumen tubing and a shaped silicone balloon, whilst the UDC 3440 catheter features 2-channel tubing and a sealed PVC balloon.

UPP catheters

Our UPP catheter range offers 2 or 3-lumen designs to suit clinical need and preference. The UPP measuring eye is in each case located on the catheter shaft 70mm from the tip, proximal to which each tube is marked in cm graduations.

Colour-tinted Ch4.5 pressure lines correspond closely with the catheter lumen, with a translucent tinted and winged female luer fitted to each line.

Our Ch9 3-lumenUPP catheter employs optimal tubing 550mm long, with the 3 channels physically separated to enable simultaneous filling, PVES and PURA to be performed if required.