Urodynamic Rectal Catheters

For rectal/abdominal pressure measurements, our range of urodynamic rectal catheters include both single and double lumen varieties with a choice of balloon size and material. Our urodynamic catheters and accessories work with all water-perfused urodynamics systems.

Single-lumen urodynamic rectal catheters

Our single-lumen urodynamic rectal catheters terminate in a simple flap valve with a small PVC balloon and come in various designs . All catheters in this range are designed to be water-perfused from the luer, the air being expelled through the end-valve or the pre-slit balloon.

Specialist Urodynamic Rectal Catheters

We also offer specialist rectal catheters. The popular and well proven UDC 3410 Bovingdon® Catheter employs single-lumen tubing and a shaped silicone balloon, whilst the UDC 3440 catheter features 2-channel tubing and a sealed PVC balloon.

urodynamic catheter rectal
urodynamic catheter rectal 2 lumen