Rectoscopes & Proctoscopes

Designed for use with the Ecolite LED light generator, our range of rectoscopes and proctoscopes offer the practitioner various types, geometries and sizes to best suit clinical need. The Ecolite provides optimal light quality and allows our system to remain eco-friendly and battery free.


For practitioners following best practice infection control & who insist on single-use sterile items, Stericom’s sterile rectoscopy  kits offers the ideal solution. Our rectoscopy kit offers sterility, traceability & convenience and is supplied in a sterile pouch complete with rectoscope (2 sizes to choose from), eyepiece/handgrip, bellows & 2x peel-off labels for LOT number tracing.

Our sterile & disposable multi-purpose rectoscope features a double-graduated silkscreen on its external surface facilitating a controlled exploration of the rectum, and an effective means for more thorough diagnostic examinations with specialist instruments.

Easy & eco-friendly disposal: kit is 100% combustible clinical waste = no need to separate out batteries & electrical components from plastic, making the Stericom system the most eco-friendly available.


The Stericom range of proctoscopes offers a choice of sizes and geometries to suit all normal clinical needs. These scopes are made from clear toughened polystyrene for optimal visibility. Our range includes small/paediatric designs, the unique atraumatic Blu-Scope design in two sizes, and large 23mm diameter operative flute-ended & trunk-ended variants for maximum versatility.

The Beak Surgical & The Beak Diagnostic are surgical proctoscopes with a uniquely innovative design feature. The closed, rounded tip allows for introduction of the scope directly into the anus, needing no separate introducer. These surgical proctoscopes offer the specialist the opportunity of clearly exposing a portion of the anal canal and rectal ampulla through which anorectal procedures may be performed.

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Bluscope-midi proctoscope

Sterile Rectoscopy Kit

Multi-purpose rectoscopes


Surgical & Diagnostic Proctoscopes

Multi-purpose rectoscope
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