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UPP Catheters

pdf-stericom-blue2Stericom’s range of multi-channel PVC catheters for UPP offers the urodynamics practitioner a choice of 2 or 3-lumen designs.  They are compatible with all water-perfused urodynamics systems.

  • sterile, single-use & fast fill-rate
  • 2 or 3-lumen designs available
  • Better utilisation of human resources
  • No extension set needed

Our UPP catheter range offers 2 or 3-lumen designs to suit clinical need and preference. The UPP measuring eye is in each case located on the catheter shaft 70mm from the tip, proximal to which each tube is marked in cm graduations. Colour-tinted Ch4.5 pressure lines correspond closely with the catheter lumen, with a translucent tinted and winged female luer fitted to each line.

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The Ch8, 700mm long main 2-lumen tube section is divided 70% for alternate filling/PURA and 30% dedicated for PVES. A normal fill-rate via peristaltic pump of >100ml/minute is guaranteed, together with accurate pressure transmissions with minimal intra-lumen interference. Cm-markings are printed in black on the pale blue tubing proximal to the UPP eye, located 70mm from the tip.

The UDC 3757 catheter has a 1400mm Ch4.5 blue-tinted pressure line, and 150mm Ch5 clear filling line. The length of both the PVES and filling/PURA lines on the UDC 3758 variant are shorter, at 150mm. Lines are each fitted with a colour-coded female luer.

  • Easy and flexible
  • Tube marked in cm proximal to PURA/filling eye, located 70mm from catheter tip
  • 70% of lumen cross-section devoted to PURA/filling enables a fill rate of >100ml/minute
  • Choice of length of Ch4.5 blue-tinted PVES line: 1400mm (UDC 3757) enabling direct connection to the pressure dome, or 150mm (UDC 3758)
  • PVES and PURA/filling lines each fitted with winged and colour-tinted female luer

This UPP catheter employs optimal Ch9 3-lumen tubing 550mm long, with the 3 channels physically separated to enable simultaneous filling, PVES and PURA to be performed if required. The Ch4.5 pressure lines for PVES and PURA are each 1400mm long to enable direct connection to the pressure dome: there is no need for additional extension lines to be used, so removing the elevated infection risk associated with multiple connections. The pressure lines are colour-tinted blue (PVES) and red (PURA) with matching winged female luers.

  • Ch9 3-channel main tube 550mm long
  • Tube marked in cm proximal to PURA measuring eye, located 70mm from catheter tip
  • Enables simultaneous filling, PVES and PURA to be performed
  • Larger filling channel for faster fill rate
  • Ch4.5 lines for PVES and PURA are 1400mm long, enabling direct connection to the pressure dome with no need for additional tubing: lowers infection risk
  • Pressure and filling lines colour-tinted blue (PVES) and red (PURA), each fitted with a winged and matching tinted female luer

Stericom offers a range of rectal pressure catheters to be used in conjunction with our range of UPP and cystometry catheters as part of a diagnostic procedure to assess bladder function.

As well as our 2-lumen PVC cystometry catheters we offer a less pliant pebax cystometry catheter and single-lumen catheters are also available as a lower-cost solution for the basic test.

We also offer other accessories for urodynamic investigations: pump tube sets for the different systems.

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
UDC37572-Lumen UPP Catheter Ch8, PVC with 700mm cm-marked tubing & 1400mm PVES line25
UDC37582-Lumen UPP Catheter Ch8, PVC with 700mm cm-marked tubing & 150mm PVES line25
UDC37333-Lumen Catheter Ch9, PVC for simultaneous PVES, filling and PURA, 2x 1400mm coloured pressure lines25