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surgical proctoscopesurgical proctoscopesLED light generator for rectoscopy & proctoscopy

Surgical & Diagnostic Proctoscopes


The Beak Surgical & The Beak Diagnostic are surgical proctoscopes with a uniquely innovative design feature. The closed, rounded tip allows for introduction of the scope directly into the anus, needing no separate introducer.

  • single-use & sterile
  • Beak Surgical Ø32mm, window length 90mm
  • Beak Diagnostic Ø22mm window length 75mm
  • transparent & atraumatic
  • optimal lighting with Ecolite light sources
  • latex free

These surgical proctoscopes offer the specialist the opportunity of clearly exposing a portion of the anal canal and rectal ampulla through which anorectal procedures may be performed.

The instrument should be well lubricated and introduced slowly into the anal canal, controlled by the graduation. Rotating the scope in situ may cause torsion of the anal canal mucosa, so it is recommended that to change orientation the instrument is extracted, rotated and then reinserted. The operative site can then be identified and the procedure performed.

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The Beaks surgical & diagnostic proctoscopes are designed for use with The Ecolite, a new generation LED light generator designed for rectoscopy and other surgical interventions. This LED light generator offers optimal light clarity delivered through an autoclavable fibre-optic cable.

Our coloproctology range also includes sterile-packed rectoscopy kits in two sizes, a haemorrhoid suction banding system, a range of proctoscopes of unique design, and sterile disposable biopsy forceps.

Ecolite LED Light Generator
Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
SMA4083The Beak Surgical proctoscope Ø32mm, window length 90mm25
SMA4084The Beak Diagnostic proctoscope Ø22mm, window length 75mm25