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SurgiAssist Laparoscopic Camera Holder


The SurgiAssist Camera Holder is a reusable mechanical device to hold the laparoscopic camera during the procedure. Simple to use with no electrical or pneumatic power. Move it at will and the position will be maintained. It is reusable and non-sterile.

  • Human beings get tired.  SurgiAssist doesn’t.
  • Holds 5mm and 10mm laparoscopes
  • No need for sterilisation (use drapes)
  • Better utilisation of human resources
  • No power or hydraulics

The SurgiAssist laparoscopic camera holder provides a stable image throughout surgery.  It allows for repeated repositioning and maintains the selected camera position hands-free.  It holds 5 & 10mm Ø laparoscopes.

Suitable for all laparoscopic surgery, it is particularly beneficial for gastric & abdominal surgery, such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures where, when the camera holder is deployed, no surgical assistant is needed.

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Guidelines for Assembly & Use

The SurgiAssist Camera Holder is designed to be used for any laparoscopic surgical procedure in gastric, urology or general surgery as well as gynaecology.

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SGT7102Surgitools SurgiAssist Camera Holder SCH-02 (re-usable item)1