Dilastom Stoma Dilator
Dilastom Stoma DilatorStoma Dilatorsdilastom stoma dilator

Stoma Dilators

pdf-stericom-blue2The DILASTOM® stoma dilator is a medical device specifically designed so that patients may carry out home treatment for cutaneous and fascial colostomy stenosis with complete safety and convenience.

  • single-patient product
  • each patient pack contains 2 sizes
  • home treatment possible
  • safe & convenient
  • latex free

Surgical operations to correct colostomy stenosis may be avoided by protracted use of DILASTOM® for long periods, without producing any undesirable side effects.

Many colostomy cases are trouble-free for the patient. However, complications can occur. Between 8 and 10% of cases (collated global data) result in stenosis or stricture of the stoma lumen.

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To accurately define whether or not stenosis has occurred, consideration must be given to the diameter of the stoma, and the elasticity of the intestinal wall and of the surrounding tissue.

Colostomy stenoses are described as either precocious or belated depending on the post-operative time interval before the stenosis becomes evident. A further categorisation into either cutaneous or fascial has been identified, dependant on the tissue area affected: the muco-cutaneous junction or apical respectively.

When stricture occurs, difficulties can be experienced both in the discharge of faeces and in execution of irrigation procedures. The instigation of dilator therapy can stop the progressive stricture of the external colostomy orifice and, if correctly applied, reverse the process.

stoma dilator

Dilation therapy should begin with the smaller diameter DILASTOM®. Lubricate well with petroleum jelly or other suitable lubricant. Rotate the DILASTOM® slightly and use gentle pressure when inserting into the strictured stoma. The DILASTOM® should be kept in position for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the operation at least every 12 hours.

The treatment period is normally between one and two months, moderated according to practitioner advice. The second phase utilises the larger diameter DILASTOM®. Application procedure and treatment period is similar to the smaller-sized device. The unique design of these dilators allows them to stay in position with gentle finger pressure on the base.  There are no recorded cases of adverse side effects from prolonged use of DILASTOM®.

Conversely, strong evidence exists in support of the claim that regular use avoids the necessity of stricture-corrective surgical intervention.  DILASTOM® is supplied in an attractive and patient-convenient small box containing one each of the two sizes. Latex free.

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