rectoscope sterile disposable
rectoscope sterile disposablerectoscope sterile disposablerectoscope sterile disposable

Sterile Rectoscopy Kits


For practitioners following best practice infection control & who insist on single-use sterile items, Stericom’s sterile rectoscopy  kits offers the ideal solution. Designed for use with the Ecolite LED light generator.

  • sterile & single-use
  • SMA4525IP – 250mm x 19.6mm Ø
  • SMA4520IP – 200mm x 15.1mm Ø
  • peel-off traceability labels
  • eco-friendly (no battery removal/disposal)
  • adaptors for endoscopic camera systems

Our rectoscopy kit offers sterility, traceability & convenience. The kit is supplied in a sterile pouch complete with rectoscope (2 sizes to choose from), eyepiece/handgrip, bellows & 2x peel-off labels for LOT number tracing.

Easy & eco-friendly disposal: kit is 100% combustible clinical waste = no need to separate out batteries & electrical components from plastic, making the Stericom system the most eco-friendly available. Our new camera adaptors enable the rectoscope range to connect to most endoscopic camera systems.

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Our rectoscopy kits are designed for use with The Ecolite, a new generation LED light generator designed for rectoscopy and other surgical interventions. This LED light generator offers optimal light clarity delivered through an autoclavable fibre-optic cable.

Our coloproctology range also includes proctoscopes in a variety of sizes and geometries, a haemorrhoid suction banding system, sterile operative proctoscopes of unique design, and sterile disposable biopsy forceps.

Our new camera adaptors enable the proctoscope/rectoscope range to connect to most endoscopic camera systems. This allows the end user to capture diagnostic imagery for the purpose of patient records and for clinical education.

Ecolite LED Light Generator
Rectocam Image Acquisitionerfor rectoscopy and proctoscopy
Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
SMA4520IPblack polymer grip with bellows, 200mm rectoscope + disposal bag20
SMA4525IPblack polymer grip with bellows, 250mm rectoscope + disposal bag20
SMA4002camera adaptor for sigmoidoscope range1