Rectocam Image Acquisitionerfor rectoscopy and proctoscopy
Rectocam Image Acquisitionerfor rectoscopy and proctoscopy
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The Rectocam image acquisition system comprises an EVCS-ED20 digital video camera fitted with an external control unit and optics, with quick-clutch coupling that may be connected to Sapimed proctoscopes and rectoscopes via dedicated disposable fittings.|Rectocam is a simple and versatile system. Connecting the video camera to an external video peripheral (monitor/PC/laptop), the specialist can observe the images directly onscreen to enable a more accurate diagnosis.|The Rectocam system is practical, functional and intuitive. EDM video-capture software is capable of recording film, audio & freeze-frame to its own patient database. Each camera operation is managed ‘hands-free’ via a wireless foot-pedal, and the touch interface EDM video capture may also be used on a touch-screen PC.|Stericom now offers customers of our premium single-use proctoscopes and sterile rectoscopy kits a new feature.

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