urodynamics pump tube sets
urodynamics pump tube setsurodynamics pump tube setsurodynamics pump tube sets

Pump tube sets


Stericom supplies pump tube sets for many urodynamics systems, each designed to be compatible with the relevant perfusion pump and the ideal complement to our comprehensive range of catheters.

  • Sets available for most UD Systems
  • Spiked drip chamber
  • 2000mm long transparent tubing with clamp
  • Unique silicone roller-pump section for each type
  • Each set fitted with male luer lock for secure connection to catheter filling line

Manufactured to the highest standards and proven in clinics worldwide, the Stericom range of pump tube sets enables the practitioner to order all catheters and pump sets needed for the test from one supplier, so simplifying ordering and reducing administration. Each set features a spiked drip chamber, PVC tubing with clamp, unique silicone roller-pump section for each type and male luer to connect to the filling catheter line or Steri-Gard®.

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Stericom’s cystometry catheters are used in conjunction with a range of rectal pressure catheters as part of a diagnostic procedure to assess bladder function.

As well as our 2-lumen PVC cystometry catheters we offer a less pliant pebax cystometry catheter and single-lumen catheters are also available as a lower-cost solution for the basic test.

We also supply extension sets and a range of UPP catheters for uretha pressure profile investigations.

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
UDP8001Pump Tube Set for Lectromed System25
UDP8002Pump Tube Set for Laborie System25
UDP8003Pump Tube Set for MMS UD2000 System20
UDP8004Pump Tube Set for MMS Libra System20
UDP8005Pump Tube Set for Dantec/Medtronic System25
UDP8006Pump Tube Set for Sedia System25
UDP8007Pump Tube Set for SI-EM20
UDP8100Steri-Gard® Anti-Backflow Safety Valve25
We can make pump tube sets for other systems so please contact us to discuss