portable suction machine with disposable liners
portable suction machine with disposable linersportable suction machine with disposable linersportable suction machine with disposable liners

Portable Suction Machines

pdf-stericom-blue2Stericom offers a choice of lightweight, portable suction machines for either suction banding or other surgical procedures in OPD or wherever needed. Optional disposable suction-liners are also available for best infection control policy.

  • small, lightweight & portable
  • suction up to -80 kPa
  • option of single-use, disposable liners
  • Askir 30 (mains only) – ideal for use in OPD and other clinical settings
  • Askir 230 (mains / battery) – ideal for ambulatory & crash-trolley

Our portable suction machines are available as both mains & battery-mains units. The battery-mains unit offers maximum flexibility for use in any clinical setting and can also be re-charged via a car cigar lighter socket.

Accessories include single-use bottle liners and tough silicone suction tubing. Bottle liners are available with a 1000/2000ml capacity and optimise best-practice infection control.

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Stericom provides a complete system for haemorrhoid banding

In addition to our portable suction machines (with optional disposable liners) we offer a range of haemorrhoid banders and proctoscopes and our thick-walled and stretchy silicone tubing ensures kink-resistant and tough operation in all conditions

haemorrhoid banders

Suction tubing connects the banding guns to the low-pressure suction aspirator, and the bander is then inserted into an operative proctoscope and placed over the surgical site. The haemorrhoid is retracted from the tissue by suction and then banded using the trigger-mechanism. During the procedure, the rate of suction may be controlled manually by the practitioner’s thumb.

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
ASKIR 30suction aspirator 230V/50HZ mains only1
ASKIR 230/12 VBRsuction aspirator with mains/battery1
STE 1010silicone suction tubing for Ca-mi 2000mm pouched10
STE 1015replacement Suction Disk Filter10
CA-MI 31843CA-MI FLOVAC re-usable flask 1000ml1
CA-MI 31848CA-MI FLOVAC suction liners 1000ml50
CA-MI 31841CA-MI FLOVAC re-usable flask 2000ml1
CA-MI 31846CA-MI FLOVAC suction liners 2000ml50