Multi-purpose rectoscope
Multi-purpose rectoscopesingle-use colorectal biopsy forcepsLED light generator for rectoscopy & proctoscopy

Multi-Purpose Rectoscope


pdf-stericom-blue2Stericom has now added multi-purpose rectoscopes to their extensive coloproctology range. Designed for use with specialist instruments, this rectoscope optimises the diagnostic examination of the rectum.

  • sterile & single-use
  • designed for use with specialist instruments
  • enables controlled exploration of the rectum
  • facilitates mucosa biopsy
  • atraumatic design

This sterile & disposable multi-purpose rectoscope features a double-graduated silkscreen on its external surface facilitating a controlled exploration of the rectum, and an effective means for more thorough diagnostic examinations with specialist instruments.

Designed with use with the Ecolite LED light generator.

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1.   insert the black pen-shaped end of the optical fibre lightcable into the hollow handle of the rectoscope: connect the other end to the Sapi Med’s cold light generators to ensure optimal lighting of the examination area

2.   lubricate the MPRs and obturators using an inert gel (Lu J, Sapi Med)

3.  gradually introduce the scope into patient’s anus: depth can be checked reading the “roman” silk-screen

4.   remove the obdurator and attach the grip with a clockwise twist

5.   close the grip lid with light thumb pressure applied to the black lens frame

6.  attach the bellows set/disk filter attachment to the small cylindrical tube found on the left part of the lid, and insufflate air into the rectum to stretch the mucosa

7.   surgical examination can then begin.

Below the lens lies a membrane, with a cross marking aweakened point. This makes the handling of forceps for mucosa biopsy easier, whilst keeping the rectum walls stretched. Rectoscopes diameter and length have been designed to allow the insertion of a suitable probe for endorectal ecography for an accurate diagnosis of the rectal ampulla.

Only for REF A.4522: the two small fins found on the right of polymer grip are designed to anchor the tap to the rectoscope probe and allow the two devices rotate together. The “slated” silk-screen allows adjustment of the probe during introduction into the rectum.

Our multi-purpose rectoscopes are designed for use with The Ecolite, a new generation LED light generator designed for rectoscopy and other surgical interventions. This LED light generator offers optimal light clarity delivered through an autoclavable fibre-optic cable.

Our coloproctology range also includes sterile-packed rectoscopy kits in two sizes, a haemorrhoid suction banding system, sterile operative proctoscopes of unique design, and sterile disposable biopsy forceps.

LED light generator for rectoscopy & proctoscopy
single-use colorectal biopsy forceps
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SMA4522Multi-purpose rectoscope for use with specialist instruments12