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Langley Catheter


The Langley 2-lumen, twin-polyisoprene balloon diagnostic catheter can be used for a number of investigations by physiotherapists and other practitioners specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of lower bowel dysfunction.

  • twin polyisoprene balloons
  • 3-way tap for rapid inflation and deflation
  • Use for resting/squeeze pressures
  • moveable silicone flange prevents ingress
  • RAIR & expulsion testing

The Langley diagnostic catheter has two polyisoprene balloons fixed in tandem on one 2-channel shaft, each connected to a 1500mm color-coded pressure line. Each line is Ch6 and fitted with a 3-way tap to enable rapid inflation and deflation.

A moveable silicone flange ensures the catheter will not ingress further into the bowel once placed by the practitioner. The Langley catheter is single-use and non-sterile.

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A number of investigations may be performed easily by the practitioner with this catheter: sphincter resting and squeeze pressures, simplified RAIR test without the need for multi-channel water-perfused manometry, measurement of sensitivity threshold and monitoring progress whilst teaching sphincter re-education exercises.

Langley Protocols

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
ARC2205The Langley twin-balloon diagnostic catheter, individually peel-pouched5