ColoShower for rectal irrigation
ColoShower for rectal irrigationColoShower for rectal irrigation



ColoShower is a sealed-circuit system designed to perform rectal irrigation anally, which prevents the spillage of fluid from the rectum during perioperative lavage. Lavage with ColoShower reduces bacterial load and eliminates any exfoliated neoplastic cells.

  • sterile & single-use sealed-circuit system
  • no spilling during perioperative lavage
  • reduces bacterial load
  • eliminates exfoliated neoplastic cells
  • 2L collection bag

ColoShower ensures thorough and effective lavage of the intestinal tract whilst retaining all fluid in a closed circuit. A feature of the system is that the escape of fluid running back from the rectum during perioperative lavage is avoided.

The returning fluid is deposited in a sealed, integrated 2L collection bag. It has been demonstrated that povidone iodide lavage significantly reduces the concentration of bacteria in the colon (Hay J. M. D.C.R. 1989).

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The kit contains:

• A moulded 23mm flute-ended proctoscope

• A diameter-reducing plug for the proctoscope barrel once the introducer has been removed

• A connecting tube complete with spike and clamp to feed through the proctoscope into the colon, and at the other end connect to the container of lavage fluid

• A second, thicker drain tube from the proctoscope handle, connected to a sealed 2L bag for fluid collection

Order CodeDescriptionItems per box
SMA4051Coloshower Rectal Lavage to perform rectal irrigation anally12