Haemorrhoid Banding System

Our complete haemorrhoid banding system offers the practitioner all the tools needed for this procedure. Our haemorrhoid banding ligators can be used with latex or non-latex banding rings. The portable suction machine can be mains only or mains/battery and can be used with disposable liners for maximum infection control.

LEM haemorrhoid bander & banding rings

The LEM Disposable Haemorrhoid Banding Ligator is a unique, patented design made from a light, tough polymer. It ensures optimal visual clarity with its has a 20-degree angled tip. Its ergonomically designed trigger enables smooth and accurate banding procedures.

It is a single patient product. Both latex & latex-free haemorrhoid banding rings are available.

Portable Suction Unit & Accessories

Our portable suction machines are available as both mains & battery-mains units. The battery-mains unit offers maximum flexibility for use in any clinical setting and can also be re-charged via a car cigar lighter socket.

Accessories include single-use bottle liners and tough silicone suction tubing. Bottle liners are available with a 1000/2000ml capacity and optimise best-practice infection control.

haemorrhoid bander
portable suction machine with disposable liners