urodynamic cystometry catheters

Stericom’s Urodynamic Cystometry Catheter Range

Do we have a urodynamic catheter to suit you?

Our urodynamic cystometry catheters are designed to offer a wide selection of catheter choices with differing materials, diameters, length and configuration all available in the range. they are compatible with all water-perfused urodynamics systems.

The design of our 2-lumen cystometry PVC catheters’ main tubing devotes 30% of the cross-sectional lumen to pressure transmissions with minimum intra-lumen interference, and 70% to filling.

1-lumen cystometry catheters offer the practitioner a simple and low-cost solution for urodynamics testing. They may be purchased separately, or as a set of two in one peel-pouch.

Have a look at our range online and contact us for samples or to arrange an on-site visit.

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